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Design Process

We understand our clients need architectural design solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and functional, as well as simultaneously responsive to both architectural and engineering considerations. Our architectural design process translates our client’s vision into practical solutions, achieving the proper balance of aesthetics, function, budget and schedule.

Design Process

Additional Services

Vista at TiaraRado


When it comes to producing a successful project, planning the site is every bit as important as the design of the building itself. Whether it be for a large commercial project or a singular residence, the design team at KDA is skilled at achieving highly efficient planning solutions. By taking into account key factors such as solar path, traffic, circulation,  surrounding uses, and topography, KDA ensures that your site will be every bit as functional and beautiful as your building.


3D Renderings

Using advanced BIM software, KDA has the capability to produce scaled, highly realistic renderings of projects which allows clients to preview what a project may potentially look like once built. This is often very beneficial as it allows the client a detailed look at materials and massing from a human perspective. Renderings can be produced both in the form of still images or fly-by videos that can take you in and around the building.

Image of landscape

Solar Studies

Solar studies allow the design team and the clients detailed insight into how sunlight and shadows interact with a project. These elements are integral in the success of a completed building, so the ability to convey them during the design process to a client is extremely beneficial. Solar studies can be done in several ways including stills or timelapse videos that illustrate how the sun and shadows change over time.

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